Friday, November 16, 2012

Just Imagine.

Imagine: Dread and anxiety take over your heart in the courtroom as the Judge pronounces His verdict on you. As you stand to hear the judgement, you know you are guilty, and the sentence should be death. But, to your SURPRISE, someone interrupts the proceedings. Unexpectedly, the Son of the honorable Judge cries out, "LET HIS GUILT BE UPON ME!" You didn't realize it, but the Judge Himself had asked His Son to interrupt the proceedings because He loves you immensely, like He loves His own Son.(John 17:23) The honorable Judge  is now looking at you and is waiting for your reply. You shake and tremble not knowing what to expect. You decide to accept the Judge's gift. Silence.... The gavel slams down, "INNOCENT!" You are now justified and the Judge's Son is condemned! Who is this man? Who would do such a thing? Only someone with the greatest love imaginable! Jesus Christ, sent by the love of the Father for us, willingly laid down His life and took upon Himself the guilt and punishment for anyone that chooses to call on His name. Our punishment is everlasting and right, but His love is huge! You must accept Jesus' free gift, or pay for your disobedience of the Judge's Law yourself. Don't wait! Court will soon be in session, and your decision to accept or callously reject God's love here in this life will determine the Judge's verdict for you in eternity. You are not guaranteed you will live tomorrow.

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  1. There are several variations of this illustration, but in writing this new one, I hope you are even more thankful for how much God loves you.